TruXmar Hydronic Heater


Hydronic Heater TXM-HD50
 Creates a maximum comfort in cabins and sleeping berths of trucks, including heavy and operating in climatic extremes, minibus, and motorhome cabins and specialty vehicles and ships cabins running in a moderate climate. It is ideal for heating of vans cargo compartments and medium-size trailers, yachts, small buses and also life-saving equipment and other vehicles operating in climatic extremes or demanding rapid heating.

Product Description

Heater TXM-HD50 can be installed in commercial trucks, boats up to 50′, heavy equipment, school buses.

Pre-start engine coolant heaters work independently from the engine. They heat up engine coolant to provide an easy start at low temperature. At the same time, they supply hot air to passenger cabin/compartment keeping it warm and dry.

Heaters TXM-HD50  have a programmable start and stop control and automatically maintain pre-set engine and cabin temperature.

There are two modifications available: 12 V and 24 V

Refer to Operation Manual for installation and operation procedures.

Technical details:

                                                                         12V                                              24 V

  •  Heat output; kW (BTU):              5Kw (17000)                                  5Kw (17000)
  •  Fuel                                                         diesel                                              diesel
  •  Fuel consumption; l/h (gal/h):    0.2-1.3 (0.05-0.34)                       0.5-1.9 (0.13-0.5)
  •  Nominal supply voltage; V:                12                                                     24
  •  Power consumption; W (A):       74-110 (6.1-9.1)                           76-130 (3.1-5.4)
  •  Coolant                                          anifreeze                                       antifreeze
  •  Weight; kg:                                    8.0                                                   8.0